Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Scottish Daily Record article the day after I gave evidence against Frank Cairney

Hotel bed ordeal of Celt boy John -No end to Celts boys sex abuse
Anna Smith Charles Beaton and Iain Ferguson - Daily Record
Another victim of sex beast Frank Cairney poured out his heart to the Record yesterday. Former soccer starlet John Taylor, now 37, said Cairney, then boss of Celtic Boys' Club, lured him to a hotel room in Aviemore. But as they lay on separate beds watching television Cairney tried to pounce on the 15-year-old. His story is the latest in the sordid saga the Record has revealed this week. Our switchboard has been flooded with calls about abuse by Cairney, 56, and Boys' Club official Jim Torbett all week. John, originally from the north of Scotland but now a London businessman spoke about his abuse by Cairney yesterday. He revealed: "We were at the hotel and there was only me and him in the room. "I didn't understand what was going on. "We were in a twin room and we were watching the football highlights and he started playing with himself through his trousers. "The next minute he got off the bed and came towards me and started touching me. "I freaked out and said I had to get back to my parents and he backed off." John said it was not the first time Cairney had tried to abuse him. An earlier incident had taken place while they were staying in a Glasgow hotel. John said: "We were in the Albany Hotel during the European Youth Championships, which we eventually won, and he tried to sexually assault me. "He lay me on the bed and started touching me through my clothes. I started to freak out and make a fuss and he backed off. "He was really nice to me and changed the subject as if nothing happened. "I just got out of the room on the pretence of phoning my parents and he let me go." John regrets he hasn't spoken out about Cairney before now. He claimed: "I've only told three people before now -my wife and two mates." And he added: "Perhaps if I had said something earlier it would have prevented him doing what he did to me to other boys. "I am glad this is now out in the open."s

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