Thursday, June 12, 2008

CBC Stornoway late 1970's

A short trip to Stornoway in the late 1970's.
from L-R starting at rear. 1.Jerry....?, 2. don't know?, 3. don't know?, 4. John Gardiner (Skelf) 5. me (jumbo taylor), 6. Duncan (Dunky) Martin , 7. George Mckluskey, 8. Robert Hannah (bananna), 9. Frank Cairney.
from L-R front. 1. Alan....?(also did gymnastics) , 2. Ian ' GOO' Gourlay, 3. ? don't know, 4. Peter Mackie, 5. Kenny Innes (capt), 6. Tommy ...? 7. ? don't know ( I went to this guys house for my tea before a game once but I'm afraid I can't remember his name, sorry!).
If any-one can help with the missing names I'd appreciate an e-mail, watch this space for another post soon on my first proper encounter with Frank 'the reptile' Cairney.

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